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Clipper Blade Sharpening

Dog Clipper Blades including Andis,Oster,Wahl and Aesculap, in fact all types of Clippers and animal blades, can become blunt very quickly depending on the state of the coat, both condition and cleanliness . A particle of grit can cause the blade to lose its edge on the first cut. Some blades are better than others.
We strongly recommend that you use an older blade for any clipping prior to bathing and the sharpest for finishing the animal.
Blade sharpening is an art and requires considerable skill to achieve the razor edge for a clean cut.
A dog blade is renowned for rattling on the clipper.This is normally experienced later in the blade’s life,but can be rectified easily.We do this free of charge when sharpening your blades,plus re setting and tensioning.We can also sharpen ceramic blades.


All clipper blades are inspected, disassembled and cleaned (if any teeth from any blades are missing we will contact you, as it is not usually worthwhile sharpening as this could “nick” and harm the animal)
Both Blades are sharpened using a formulation of diamond powder, and the latest sharpening technology.
The blades are cleaned, and reassembled, ensuring that the pressure is correct on both blades and properly aligned.
The blades ARE FULLY TESTED before being returned, to ensure a smooth steady cutting action.


How Do I Clean My Blades?
Using a small stiff brush at the end of each day, remove all hair from the blade paying attention to the comb, brush in between each part of the comb as a chalky build up here can cause lines on the dogs coat .Use blade wash to clean but do not leave in too long as this can cause corrosion. Once your blades are nice and clean apply a little oil to the cutting parts of the comb and cutter, remember the groove that the guide slides along. Store your blades in a clean dry container.
What Causes Blades to Stop Cutting?
Overheating is a big problem, not only does it make the blade hot, which can hurt the dog but a hot blade means any oil on the blade has now gone, so stop ! Many groomers use cooling sprays on the hot blade then carry on clipping. The best way to cool a hot blade is to stop using it, place on something cold (a ceramic tile) and use another blade, once your blade has cooled, clean it then oil it.
Some modern clippers have variable speeds but a busy groomer usually runs these at full speed, this will overheat your blades, and keep me very busy, back off on the speed a little and your blades will run cooler for longer.
If a blade has overheated then runs again without fresh oil, a brownish build up will appear on both the cutter and comb blades. Sharpening is the only way to remove this.
•    A worn socket can cause the blade to stop running correctly.
•    A worn drive tip/lever on top of your clipper can cause the blade to stop cutting correctly.
My Blades were just sharpened but do still not cut!
Assuming your blades were hollow ground by a competent sharpener the check the drive/tip on your clipper for signs of wear.
What Causes Blades to Rattle On My Clipper?
This is usually a worn socket. The two ‘ears that stick out from the socket can become bent, use pliers to adjust it .If it continues to rattle after adjustment then change the socket.
My Blades will not fit on my clipper?
The socket ‘ears’ are set wrong, adjust with pliers. The socket has bent forward stopping the clipper lever entering. Change the socket to solve this problem.